Memory Type Thermochromic Material

Memory Type Thermochromic Material

Memory Type Thermochromic Material

◆ Exhibits memory effect for colored and colorless in response to temperature changes.
◆ The particle size of slurry can be customized into 0.9~1.3μm, suitable for inks.

Memory Type Thermochromic Material

A. Principle

  By using microencapsulation technology, the leuco-dyes, color developers, and special temperature controllers are encapsulated and made into pigments.
  When heated above 55°C, the color changes to and remains at colorless. As cooled below 0°C, the color reverts to and restores at colored. With in 0~55°C, it can stay colorless after heating or colored after cooled.

B. Product Information

Specification:Standard、BPA Free

Particle Size:1~15μm

Temperature Range:Wide Memory- 0°C colored/ 55°C colorless; Middle Memory- 15°C colored/ 30°C colorless

Certification:EN-71-3, RoHS

Standard Colors:



(The above colors are for reference only.)

C. Available Forms & Applicability:

No. Forms Slurry Powder
01 Solvent:Ink, Paint
Suggest Concentrations:5~30%w/w(25%)
02 Aqueous:Ink, Paint
Suggest Concentrations:5~60%w/w(25%)

Suggest Concentrations:5~30%w/w(25%)
03 Plastic Injection, Extrusion
Suggest Concentrations:0.1~5%w/w(0.5%)

:Applicable、 :Conditionally Applicable、 :Not Applicable。

D. Notice:

1. Avoid using polarity solvents such as alcohols (methanol, ethanol), ketones (acetone, butanone) …etc.

2. It’s normal phenomenon the slurry clumps up, if it occurs, please double boil the slurry at 45°C, and stir gently until uniform before using.

3. Processing temperature should not exceed 230°C.

4. Thermochromic materials and products should be sealed and kept in dark to prevent UV aging that will affect color-changing function.