Interval Thermochromic Material

Interval Thermochromic Material

Interval Thermochromic Material

◆ Displays color between 30~50°C, and discolors below 30°C or above 50°C.
◆ Available in 3 colors.

Interval Thermochromic Material

A. Principle

  By using microencapsulation technology, the leuco-dyes, color developers, and temperature controllers are encapsulated and made into pigments.
  The color appears as heating around 30~50°C, and becomes colorless when cooling under 30°C or heating over 50°C.

B. Product Information


Particle Size:1~15μm

Temperature Range:30~50°C colored, below 30°C or above 50°C colorless.

Certification:EN-71-3, RoHS

Standard Colors:

Rose Red, Turkish Blue, Blue, Violet

C. Available Forms & Applicability:

No. Forms Powder
01 Solvent:Ink, Paint
Suggest Concentrations:5~30%w/w(25%)
02 Aqueous:Ink, Paint
Suggest Concentrations:5~30%w/w(25%)
03 Plastic Injection, Extrusion

:Applicable、 :Conditionally Applicable、 :Not Applicable。

D. Notice:

1. Avoid using polarity solvents such as alcohols (methanol, ethanol), ketones (acetone, butanone) …etc.

2. Processing temperature should not exceed 230°C.

3. Thermochromic materials and products should be sealed and kept in dark to prevent UV aging that will affect color-changing function.